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our mission

Building Bridges is an after-school non-profit company (NPC) that provides psychosocial, educational, and skills-based support to youth facing extreme poverty and a lack of community programming in Bellville South, South Africa.


our vision

Building Bridges serves youth so they may serve their community, nation, and self for the common good.

our logo

The Building Bridges logo characterizes our beautiful Table Mountain, which the original Khiokhoi people of our area called Hoerikwaggo. The colors represent our nation’s flag. The double-Bs (for Building Bridges) also symbolize the towers of a suspension bridge. The notion of a bridge embodies the continual journey towards social justice, a footpath closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. Our logo expresses our love of youth, their diversity, radiance, bravado, and playfulness. It implies that between our youth, their community, and our friends, self-determination and freedom is possible.

Building Bridges Logo
Building Bridges Logo
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