our mission     : Building Bridges is an after-school non-profit company (NPC) that provides psychosocial, educational, and skills-based support to youth facing extreme poverty and a lack of community programming in Bellville South, South Africa.

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Building Bridges South Africa


our vision : Building Bridges serves youth so they may serve their community, nation, and self for the common good.

our logo: The Building Bridges logo characterizes our beautiful Table Mountain, which the original Khiokhoi people of our area called Hoerikwaggo. The colors represent our nation’s flag. The double-Bs (for Building Bridges) also symbolize the towers of a suspension bridge. The notion of a bridge embodies the continual journey towards social justice, a footpath closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. Our logo expresses our love of youth, their diversity, radiance, bravado, and playfulness. It implies that between our youth, their community, and our friends, self-determination and freedom is possible.

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14 Kosmos Street

Bellville South 7530

Cape Town, South Africa

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