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Membership Program

the sustained membership program is an international and socially equitable way for you to support our work. By becoming a sustaining member, you help us do our work through a quarterly monetary gift and in return, gain exclusive access to our membership website (details below).

who drives the mission? At Building Bridges, we aim to obtain as much social funding as possible to run our programs. Although we do rely on major grants, donations are hugely important; they are not attached to corporate giving that could potentially change the trajectory of our mission, or risk the loss of funding. An increase in personal donations allow for the autonomous grassroots, human rights, and social justice aspects of our work - for and by the community of Bellville South.

by becoming a member, you'll have access to our exclusive Member Site where you can make connections with other members, receive newsletters, and much more.

choose a level right for you! There are many membership levels to choose, ranging from $5/quarterly to $300/quarterly! Your quarterly commitment will help to fund important programming, school uniforms, and supplies for youth in our program.

to get started, click the button to the right. You will be brought to our member service site where you'll create an account, provide your personal details, and select your quarterly member level. Hold on to your login details, as it will give you exclusive access to the Member Site! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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the details

Our Commitment:

  • Members will have access to our exclusive Member Site! Make connections and interact with our program from afar, and much more.

  • Member acknowledgements and receipts.

  • Receive notifications of Building Bridges events, activities, and more.

  • We will abide by the Donor Bill of Rights developed by the AFP, AHP, CASE, and Giving Institute (2015).

  • Transparency to all members.

  • Ensure contributions get used as intended. If Building Bridges is unable to use the contribution as intended, we will contact the donor for permission to use it for other purposes or offer to return the gift. If the donor does not respond within two weeks, we will automatically cancel their membership and monthly payments will cease.

  • Donations will be used for:

    • Priority one: school requirements. According to the Bill of Rights of South Africa's Constitution, all South Africans have the right to a basic education, including adult basic education and access to further education. The state has an obligation, through reasonable measures, to progressively make this education available and accessible. However, all young people in South Africa are required to adhere by a uniform clothing policy. This can be costly for many families. B3! donations will buy:

      • School supplies (R300.00)

      • School bag (R200.00)

      • Raincoat/jersey (R350.00)

      • Shoes (R250.00)

      • Pants/shirt (R300.00)

      • Skirt/shirt (R300.00)


    • Priority two: discretionary funds for legitimate needs. Personal expenses of any kind will not be permitted.

Your Commitment:

  • Membership charged quarterly, which is unlike our one-time donation structure.

  • There is a $5.00 per quarter minimum and $300.00 per quarter threshold for membership. There are many membership level choices to fit your budget.

  • Members are charged either automatically on a quarterly basis or you can choose to pay manually. All members will receive an automatic email reminder 14 days prior to quarterly renewal.

  • If you do not make payment on the renewal date, your membership will lapse. Absolutely no more additional charges will occur and you can decide how to proceed.

  • You can change your membership level at any time. Should you change your mind about our work, or have financial changes in your own life, your membership can be cancelled at any time.

  • Non-cash gifts are not a part of the this program. However, we are more than willing to discuss the disposition of non-cash gifts at any time.


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