Educational Readiness


1. Academic support through creative and interactive means, avoiding "school after school" programming.

2. Healthy recreation related to better learning, physical well-being, and motor development, including youth safety.

3. Mentorships and apprenticeships with local college students and professionals lending to positive attitudes towards learning, emotional regulation, and healthy
relationships with successful adults.


4. Learning practices that highlight skill advancement,
while accommodating youths' gifts and talents.


tools & practice

Building Bridges South Africa

Experiential & Community Learning


1. Community public achievement projects that address environmental sustainability, social justice, and community and public health challenges, including substance abuse and gangsterism.

2. Educational and cultural excursions that excite our youth and place them in the context of history so they can better understand our multicultural
society, current challenges, and see themselves in the freedom fighters of our past.


3. Partnerships with AspireYouth, South Africa to support youths' economic freedom, sustainable business opportunities and employment, ethical practices, social investment, and skill development.

Social Support


1. Emotional support: our staff and volunteers, who are trained to provide our services through love, empathy, trust, caring, and an open ear. W

2. Instrumental support: tangible services we provide to our youth, which includes helping them and their families understand their rights and to assist with social grants or other resources as needed. We will also advocate for our youth where possible.

3. Informational support: advice, suggestions, and factual information to our young people and their families on how to better their conditions. We have access to social workers, medical staff, police, and other professionals who can supply much needed information.

4. Appraisal: while each young person at Building Bridges is a part of our community, they also have their own dreams and talents. We use a strengths based approach to working with our youth so they have a chance to gain meaning from the healthy things they love.

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